Green tea is the new coffee & chocolate.

GREEN TEA is the new coffee for me! I was attached to green tea flavor since I was younger because mom always start her morning with a mug or two of hot green tea. The aroma is indeed inviting and indulging to anything green tea is irresistible! Much thanks to one of my good friends who knows how to spoil me by handing me a bag of green tea goodies.



Aside from the tea goodies, he loaded my shelf with my favorite author’s masterpieces. Very heart-warming when someone remembers something you like. It really is…the little things that really count.



The most common, KITKAT green tea and sakura.


SAKURA: The packaging reveals the matcha bowl, cherry blossoms and the “two-finger” kitkat bars. A box has three pink packs of the bars.


It’s light green in color, the aroma is lighter than the usual matcha or green tea smell, while the taste has the mixture of white chocolate, sugar, spices I guess and of course, a hint of green tea.


GREEN TEA: This is one of the many flavors of kitkat that I would never miss. As many know, this treat is one of the authentic green tea chocolates/candies you can ever have .


Compared to the Sakura flavor, it has a darker green color, the aroma smells like the usual matcha powder, and the taste is indeed green tea alone.



Maxim Stick Menu Matcha Latte and Trader’s Joe Matcha Green Tea Latte



Maxim Stick Menu Matcha Latte マキシム スティックメニュー 抹茶ラテ

It’s an instant green tea latte powder that is also considered as a slimming tea if I’m not mistaken. The box contains 4 sachet sticks of the drink and per sachet is equivalent to ¾ of a cup of about 15 grams or almost 2 tablespoons. As I open the sachet, the charming aroma of the green tea is everywhere. I pour the sachet in my cup, added a bit of hot water, and stirred it with ice cubes since I want to have it cold. NOTE:It is necessary to add in a little amount of hot water to the green tea if you want to have it cold for it to dissolve


When I poured the hot water into the green tea, the granules turned brighter in color and as the water dilute it, a froth formed. I didn’t add any sugar or anything so I would know the differences of the green teas I have had, am having and will be having. Surprisingly, I find it not too sweet, not too bitter but sweet enough that sugar is not necessary.  Based on what I had, I will suggest that to fully enjoy A CUP of this drink, you use two sachet sticks instead of only one.


Trader’s Joe Matcha Green Tea Latte

Unlike the Maxim Stick, this is a DIY drink in which you have to make measurement adjustments to suit your palette though you can follow the instructions on the label. It’s an 8oz canister which I assumed is good for 6-8 servings. When I opened the canister, it was sealed by a foil so I only tear halfway. Again, the aroma is very alluring.


The granules in this matcha latte are very refined and a forest green color. I followed the instructions: 3 tablespoons is equivalent to 6oz of cup. Since I love having my green tea drinks iced, I again poured a small amount of hot water to dissolve and stirred with ice cubes.IMG_6775

I ended up adding 3-4oz more of water because I find the drink too milky. I also added a teaspoon of sugar to improve the taste. To tastes an almost authentic green tea using this mix, I suggest that you follow the instructions and see if necessary adjustments are needed.



IMG_6726 IMG_6727 IMG_6729 IMG_6731 IMG_6732

This one tastes like milk chocolate and the green tea taste is missing. The packaging is nice though.



I am a fan of Pepero when it comes to chocolate covered stick biscuits but Pocky’s green tea is good.

IMG_6759 IMG_6762

Though it tastes 50% white chocolate and 50% green tea, this is a type of…”once you bit you can never stop”.





 What could be better than matcha biscuits sandwiched by a matcha filling? Yum! I went gaga when I opened the packaging because of the lovely matcha aroma ❤



IMG_6738 IMG_6737

This is my favorite among the green tea biscuits I had. The box contains three packs of two biscuits inside. As my first impression I though it’s a big sandwich in each pack.



The filling tastes 100% green tea and it compliments the dark chocolate biscuit. It’s SUPER GOOD, I swear!





IMG_6768  IMG_6765 IMG_6764

What’s nice about this mint is that it’s refreshing and there’s no after taste when you finish a piece or two like most mint candies. It’s only very handy, ideal for everyone especially those who always carry light bags.


Matcha Haven: Mochicream Cafe

This is a continuation to our Japanese day food trip (after The Feast, Spetember 21, 2014), and here’s a room for our dessert!

I have a big heart for anything matcha or green tea, especially on lattes so I suggested to have something sweet but with a green tea flavor to finish the day. Starbucks’ green tea latte, Simple Line’s matcha milk tea, kitkat green tea, and Jco’s green tea donut are the usual matcha/green tea treats I dig in.



I usually see a Mochicream stall in the middle of the mall but I didn’t know that it has a cafe since based on what I always see, the stall only has different flavors of mochi. As my friend searched for a good place to have matcha/green tea, Mochicream Café was on top of the list.

To my surprise, they have a cafe which offers AUTHENTIC Japanese Matcha incorporated in their coffees, ice blends, mochi, and pastries.

I really look forward to an authentic taste when a brand or store claims that their products are authentic so let’s see if Mochicream Café walk the talk..



I didn’t want anything heavy since we had ramen for lunch but my eyes were hooked in this Matcha Float poster! #sorrynotsorry haha

As what the barista said, it’s one of their best sellers. It’s a matcha frappe with a green tea ice cream and red bean on the side. How good could that be? Thus, that’s my order! 😀


Iced or hot, their drinks come in three sizes, just like the usual cafes.


Here’s a panoramic view of the cafe. On the left end side is the cashier parallel to the espresso machine, then their work station where they prepare the orders, then the mochi display and freezer.


Here’s the green tea ice cream maker!!! I wanna take it hoooome LOL


Here’s a tea set display that you can also avail in the cafe if you want to do take home the traditional Japanese tea time.


The tea set, if I am not mistaken, comes with a DoMatcha tin can. I’m just not sure if it’s the small or the big tin. To find out more about DoMatcha, visit:

I asked how much a DoMatcha costs and Kuya Joel (barista) told us that the small tin is at P1,500 while the big one costs P1,800. If it’s cheaper, probably I bought one for myself.




Being observant, I should say their working station is VERY CLEAN and organized. This is a major factor in food preparation which most restos fail to maintain. The ingredients are also labeled and placed in separate containers but uniform in sizes, and shapes making it look more presentable.




I fell in love with my Matcha Float!!! You can really taste the generous Matcha in it! Plus the soft served ice cream tastes good, not to sweet! nom nom nom :p



However, my matcha float dripped from the cup since the frappe was loaded with the melting ice cream. Thanks to Kuya Joel who transferred my float into their tall glass and even replaced the ice cream with a new twirl. huhu. But it’s prettier right? 😀


Of course, to pair your coffee, latte and refreshers, Mochicream cafe offers scrumptious pastries.


Their best seller is this Frozen Brazo Mercedes. Unlike the usual brazos that are rolled, it stands like a round cake.

By the way, I wasn’t able to take a photo of their menu but here’s a link to their menu in glorietta by munchpunch:



As for the brazo de mercedes cake, IT WAS REALLY YUMMY!

The  meringue is firm but fluffy in texture, the custard is not very sweet, the creaminess is just right and the crust at the bottom of the cake is good to balance everything out.


Mochicream Cafe is really generous! They offered us an extra cup of matcha ice cream!




Aside from the Matcha float, this Kiwi Matcha Frappe is also a best seller. It was good!!! So refreshing! I never thought that kiwi and matcha can go very well together.



IMG_6072 IMG_6075

Everything went perfect together!


Our matcha experience would not have been satisfying if not for these two baristas, Kuya Bryan and Kuya Joel who were very friendly. To mention, they have shown enthusiasm in their work! Kuya Joel, the one on the right was very hands on to EVERYTHING— from preparing the orders, cleaning the work station immediately after preparing the orders, greeting the customers, taking the orders, guiding their trainee, Kuya Bryan ( the one on the left ) and even do chitchats with us. He executed ALL THESE efficiently!



Food: 10/10

Ambiance: 8/10

Price: 9/10

Cleanliness: 10/10

Food’s 10/10 because Mochicream Cafe certainly WALKED THE TALK.Meaning, their products really values quality and proved the authenticity of their ingredients especially the Matcha products (yes, I’m biased. haha). With that, I should say that the price is reasonable though it’s a bit pricey especially on their pastries. Their place in MOA was a bit small, and the tables and chairs were placed outside the store, along the mall’s corridor so it’s kind of disturbing, having people walking by your side that’s why it’s only 8/10 for the ambience.

All in all, I would say my Mochicream Cafe experience was really SUPERB! I see myself raving for their matcha latte whenever I got to a mall where they have a Mochicream Cafe branch.

Ramen Search: Hokkaido Ramen Santouka


Sunday, September 21, 2014, I spent the Lord’s Day at the PICC for the The Feast. I love coming to The Feast not only to fulfill the duty as His daughter, but it is because I always get the feeling of being accepted, blessed and rejuvenated from all of my endeavours. Also, I enjoy the feeling of singing and learning His messages together with a huge family. It’s like I am being REWARDED.


After celebrating the mass at 10:30am-11:30am, a preach from Bro. Bo Sanchez is next. This is my favorite part! Aside for the fact that I admire Bro. Bo’s books, I love how he delivers the day’s topic. Why and how? Well, let’s just say that he can incorporate EVERYTHING and relay it to EVERYONE regardless of what you are going through.


I MISS MY MOM MORE when I saw how sweet and cute these mom and daughter was. 😦 Fixing each other’s hair is something my mom and I would do as well. From that moment, I wished mom was beside me celebrating The Feast. Probably when she’s home again (next year) I could persuade her to attend The Feast.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Nothing is rewarding more than having blessed by God’s graces and food for me represents it. After feeding the soul, why not fill the tummy with a scrumptious lunch, yes?

(Photos taken by iPhone 5s)


So, we went to MOA (Mall Of Asia) to have lunch since Moa is the nearest place you could think of getting from PICC. We chose Hokkaido Ramen Santouka because my friend was craving for ramen. It is located at the 2nd floor fronting the Bay.

When we got there, a line of waiting customers welcomed us. It’s a usual scene during lunch and dinner time so you have to be patient to be called and be seated. But I think it’s better to have a reservation at least a day before you dine in Hokkaido Ramen Santouka because people keeps coming and the line gets really long. We got our names listed immediately by the waiter so we could be in line and hoped to be seated SOON.


Outside, there’s this shelf composed of the replicas of the resto’s dishes. If it’s your first time, you could picture out what your order will be by checking into this rack. A lot of help right? Replica racks like this is common among Japanese restos.


Down to three and we’ll be seated! We transferred inside because we could seat and thought it’s cold..but it’s NOT. Their waiting area was really hot. There’s no much ventilation if not for the opened door to let the wind in, coming from the bay.


In front of the couch we were sitting at was this toy vending machine called Gashapon in Japan. These capsule toys are perfect for the kids especially as bribe when they get too bored waiting in line. How cute!


Now we get to sit, finally! We got to sit on the long couch and table good for 4-6 persons. Beside our table, the tables and chairs are set up for two persons and the waiters will just rearrange it if there are more than two persons dining.


Upon checking the menu, we agreed to order a set. The set includes tamago, portion of salad, and a cup of tea. You can choose from:

set A – Ramen, Pork Cutlet, Rice Bowl 

(Small Ramen and Pork Cutlet and small Rice Bowl Set)

Set B – Ramen, Fried Prawn, Rice Bowl

(Small Ramen and Fried Prawn and small Rice Bowl Set)

Set C – Ramen, Fried Chicken, Rice Bowl

(Small Ramen and Fried Chicken and small Rice Bowl Set)

Set D – Ramen, Fried Salmon, Rice Bowl

(Small Ramen and Fried Salmon and small Rice Bowl Set)

Set E – Ramen, Fried Salmon and Prawn, Rice Bowl

(Small Ramen and Fried Salmon and Prawn and small Rice Bowl Set)

Set F – Ramen and Char Siu Rice Bowl

( Small Ramen and Char Siu Rice Bowl Set )

Set G – Ramen, Curry Rice Bowl

(Small Ramen and Curry Rice Bowl Set )

Set H – Ramen, Salmon Roe Rice

(Small Ramen and Salmon Rice Rice Bowl Set )

Set I – Ramen, Grilled Salmon, Salmon Roe Rice Bowl

(Small Ramen, Grilled Salmon and Salmon Roe Rice Bowl Set)

I wasn’t able to take a good photo of their menu because everyone seemed to be in a hurry so I have to pick and hand the menu to another but here’s a link from munchpunch to their menu:


Since the set offers only the small sized ramen, it can be upgraded to regular and large. This is good if you are sharing the set to two or three people. We asked how big the regular and the large was and the waiter presented us these three bowls: small, regular and large, to compare and choose from.


After placing the orders, I took a panoramic view of the restaurant. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is not a small place but a long, narrow one. The waiters and customers usually bump into each other :/ You also need to pay attention to everyone or everything around you because you might hit anything when you would walk around like going to the bathroom especially if you are seated in front of their kitchen where waiters usually flock to get the orders and all.


Here’s their open kitchen and utensils/drinks  section.


Beside the utensils/drinks sections is a long table perfect  for those who will dine solo. However, the cleaning materials place under the table is very disturbing. Look at the left side of the table… There’s a cleaning solution beside the bowls and underneath are the containers and brushes for cleaning. Imagine if you were the one eating at that spot, would you enjoy your food?

I also don’t understand the frames posted on the wall. Yes the photos were catchy and colorful but why are the writings all the same? hehe.


While waiting for the orders, the waiters will give you a glass of water, chopsticks and renge spoon.

Renge Spoon is very important to slurp the delicious soup of ramen or any soup based food in Japan while the chopsticks help in shoveling the noodles into your mouth. For some, they don’t use renge spoon because they enjoy their soup or noodles more if they will sip it directly from the bowl.


It’s been 20 minutes and the food is not yet served so I went to the comfort room first to wash my hands.. The comfort room is common, a toilet for women and another for men. It’s somehow clean but the odor is kinda off. I personally did a quick wash because I could’t last the smell for long 😦 huhu. I wish they would do a regular check on their comfort room to ensure everything is clean and free of odor.



SET A. Instead of having Miso Soup, went for a spicy one, the

It’s not very spicy as I expected BUT it was GOOD! It compliments the tamago and tonkatsu. nomnommmm. The served salad was SUPER DELISH! That would be my favorite among all from the set.


Second to my favorite in the set is this katsu because of its sauce. I was not able to take a photo of the sauce but the color is similar to any tonkatsu sauce. What made it stand out was the burst of flavor! I could not describe it totally but I may have tasted hoisin, cinnamon and garlic in it.


I’m not sure if their noodles are authentic but the noodles were close to instant noodles. The bite to the noodles is however al dente.


The tamago was PERFECT! 😀 Hooray for the runny yolk! I was about to post this photo at instagram but they do not have wifi. I think not having wifi is good so customers won’t take long before finishing their foods and allow other customers to dine.

We were having a great time eating UNTIL…


This was the MAJOR TURN OFF. The ceiling vents were dripping waters and what made it worse was it was placed parallel to the dining customers. Couple of times I saw the water dropped to some tables and customers :/ In the photo, the waitress got a rod with a rag on its end and tried to absorb the drippings. I couldn’t imagine if those dropped on my food.


Food: 9/10

Price: 7/10

Ambiance: 7/10

Cleanliness: NO COMMENT

The foods served were all delicious and I really enjoyed it. The waiting time was worth it I should say. However, the price is a bit expensive if I will base it on how big the servings were. I will go back again to Hokkaido Ramen Santouka but probably I will try another branch. I am hoping there will be improvements on their place in Moa.

Cafe Avelina

September 5, 2014, Friday I was on my way to MNL for a scheduled vaccine when the slowest traffic flow caught me. Instead of having the usual 1hr and 30 minutes of travel time, it took me 4hours before getting to UST Hospital. My gosh! It was caused by the one lane policy for the trucks that will be moved in the Pier somewhere in MNL according to the bus drivers and co-passengers. After having my vaccine, I went home immediately for the fear of being stuck in traffic again and reach home late. However, going back to Bulacan was swift! Yay!!! The other side of the road, the lane going to MNL, was not moving 😦 I sympathize those who were on their way to MNL and got stuck for hours. Heading home, the bus was full of chitchats on how the plan of that “one lane truck policy” sucks. Feeling a bit irate of how almost everyone condemned the government, I was delighted when Jienna, my best friend, texted me to meet her for dinner. Yey! The not-so-good day will have something good to end 😀

Spending time with one of my best friends gives me all the energy to be hyper! ❤

IMG_5506 IMG_5473

I and Jienna, decided to try the new café in in the heart of Baliwag, Bulacan,

Café Avelina. It is located along Sta. Barbara, Baliwag, Bulacan in front of INC church.


(Panoramic view taken by iPhone 5s)

If you are coming from Baliwag Bayan, you can see Café Avelina at the left side before approaching Sta. Barbara Church and if you are coming from Pulilan, you can see it at the right side pass Sta. Barbara Church and Fernando’s Bakeshop.


The café opens at 4:00pm and closes at 1:00am, perfect for after school hang outs, dinner and late night chill sesh.


We checked the menu before exploring the place so we won’t be sitting for long while waiting for the foods to be served. Like the usual cafes, they offer sandwiches, pasta, and of course pastries along with the frappes and chillers.

You can order by going inside or you can choose where to sit and let the waiter come and take your order. As for me and Jienna, we wanted to see the menu inside the mini bar and the pastries personally.


Here’s Kuya Alex (if I remember it right), who opened the door for us.


Inside, you can see the coffee cups, espresso maker, cake stalls and menu.


It was good that they are equipped with CCTVs because having a business that operates on midnight hours is risky.


There’s also tables and chairs inside where you can dine. Maybe these are only occupied when the tables and chairs outside are already full.



Here’s their menu:





After placing our orders, we headed outside to see everything. The set up was like a garden dining place. There were fountains, rattan chairs and tables, sofa set with pillows, warm lights to keep the ambience comfy… Oh! There’s still dining place upstairs.





Here’s a panoramic view of the dining place at the second floor.


View from the second floor.




Fancy traditional capiz shell windows, perfect for the province ambiance. It’s as if you are in Quezon too!




Forgive me! hahaha. Well I am very certain that almost EVERYONE who went to Cafe Avelina had their photos taken in this comfy egg shell-like chair.



Our food is almost ready! So time to go down..


Jienna’s frappe was served first, and while waiting for our sandwiches I took the chance to lurk around.


IMG_5493 IMG_5490

Around 6pm, people are starting to come..

IMG_5489 IMG_5488 IMG_5487 IMG_5486

The set up was like a garden dining place. There were fountains, rattan chairs and tables, sofa set with pillows, warm lights to keep the ambience comfy…



….and not to forget, bird cage with birds LOL.



 I ordered Roast Beef Sandwich with potato chips on the side.


Of course, as for my dessert….a slice of Mango Bravo. Yes, Mango Bravo….Mango Bravo from Conti’s! J Café Avelina serves Conti’s pastries instead of having homemade pastries like other cafes do. Probably (just a personal thought), outsourcing pastries will lessen the cost or manpower for their desserts.  I just had water for my drink because I already had Matcha Milk Tea while I’m on the bus. Hehe.


On the other hand, Jienna ordered Tuna Salad Sandwich along with her Mocha Frappe.

Jienna said the potato chips were Lays. If so, another outsourcing it is.


Sandwiches: 6/10

Mocha Frappe: 8/10

Ambiance: 10/10


I gave our sandwiches only 6 because there was nothing new. I mean, the recipe can be made by youngsters. The bread used was fine, I just wish they reheat it. Jien’s tuna sandwich was okay. The tuna flavor was there with a hint of sour taste from the dressing. However, I was disappointed by my roast beef sandwich because it’s as if I am eating a THIN burger patty laid with cheese and greens 😦 It was dry as well and the dressing was bland that I had to ask for extra mayo and ketchup. Bland sandwich + bland chips = SADNESS

The Mocha Frappe was good but didn’t find the “WOW” factor.

Well as for the ambiance, the photos speak for themselves 😉



I am very particular with the cleanliness of a dining place especially their comfort room. This is something I inherit from my mom. (Hi mommy i miss you!) I should say their place is clean. Having an outdoor set up is challenging when it comes to cleanliness due to natural factors.




OOPS! The faucet is broken :/ There’s little water running out. Won’t change my rate for cleanliness still. hehe. Hope they will have it fixed soon.


Taste N See’s Toasted Pastillas

PASTILLAS, a native Filipino delicacy made from milk has always been a favorite to either local or foreign families. Bulacan, my hometown, is known for this as one of the province’s specialty.  San Miguel Bulacan is where numerous pastillas stores are located. Some of which offers and accepts factory tour and demo, perfect for educational trips.


 Personally, I crave for it in my most random  mood. As I was browsing the net, this so-called toasted pastillas is one of the trending topic over social media. Being curious, I bought a pack for myself and gave it a verdict. Based on the pictures posted in social sites, I really thought a pack is big enough for sharing so I only bought one.. but it is not as big as I expected. As you can see, the pack is 3/4 the height of the iPhone while its width is same as a rubik’s cube.


I bought this at P120 from an online seller friend and have it delivered in our house WITH NO DELIVERY CHARGE. How good is that! 🙂


When I opened the pack, it smells like burnt sugar and toasted bread at the same time.It’s a treat which you would not find yourself digging in an instant upon smelling it. Really.



But.. When I had a bite…… WOW! It’s heavenly. It tasted like a custard flan with an overflowing caramel infused in a milky cube. 🙂


It was chewy but soft on the inside. The toasted sides of these pastillas gave it the caramel taste I guess.

For those who are wondering how these toasted pastillas are done.. Simply roll your creamy pastillas in sugar, place them on a baking tray and bake it probably in 300-350 degrees Celcius until it turns golden brown.


Before, there are only two kinds of pastillas that I grew up to: a creamy pastillas which is made from condensed milk and powdered milk, is quite soft and chewy, formed into balls or squares, and a pastillas called Pastillas de leche, which is made from a fresh carabao’s milk, soft in bite, oblong in size, rolled in sugar and wrapped in a japanese paper.

Let me say.. there are already THREE ways to enjoy pastillas; Creamy Pastillas, Pastillas de Leche and Toasted Pastillas! 🙂

The Gelato Hype: Gelatissimo

Benvenuto! Translation: Welcome 🙂 Gelato is becoming popular here in the Philippines because aside from the new flavors it offers, it is a healthier way to indulge to frozen delights which we crave from ice creams. Why? It is because Gelatos use fresh natural ingredients especially the fruit flavored ones, also, says: “As a low fat, creamy alternative to traditional ice cream, Gelatissimo gelato is smooth, rich and simply irresistible.”


Here’s my take on Gelatissimo (4th Floor, Trinoma Mall)..*photos taken by iPhone 5s*

The place is catchy because it has this indoor and outdoor dining place. There are tables and chairs outside with red Gelatissimo umbrellas while inside, there are tables and chairs as well and a long couch that leans on the wall with the tables that are arranged for 4-6 persons. When we entered, it’s a bit warm and I guess they did not turn all of their ACs on  maybe because there are still few people dining inside. However, I bet it’s not fair for those who are staying in the store til they finish their treats because it’s really not comfortable. It’s HOT! 😦



We had enough time to choose which flavors we are going to get since there’s still two customers ahead of us. Here’s come the difficult part again–CHOOSING. They all look yummy! Makes me wanna drool. lol.  😛


Like other fancy ice cream or gelato places, Gelatissimo lets you have a free taste on which flavor you wish to test if you would like the flavor as you adore how it looks. They will give you a half spoon of the gelato to taste. This clear box is the container for their colorful spoons.

There is no trash can present but there’s a red box that serves as the spoon’s trash bin. It’s good that they segregate the spoons but at the back of my mind, they might just wash and sterilize these and reuse! hahaha.


Here are the fancy red Gelatissimo cups which comes from Piccolo (small), Medio (medium), Grande (large), Sundae (extra large). I forgot to take a photo of the cup sizes because I was too busy choosing flavors but here’s something I borrowed:

???????????????????????????????photo from:

We chose medio because Piccolo is too small while grande and sundae is too much. For the flavors, I had a taste test with their profiterole but I found the flavor too plain and bit close to vanilla. I chose chocolate truffle and strawberry cheesecake instead.


I dig in immediately with my treat because it started to melt and drip. I sat on the couch and wrapped the cup with tissue while my gelato buddy is still having a hard time on what flavors to choose haha. That’s the time I had the chance to take photos of what’s inside.


Fancy chandelier, that gives the place a warm lighting *perfect for picture taking haha* and comfy feeling.




Aside from Gelatos, Gelatissimo offer coffee, ice blends drinks, fresh fruit juices, sodas and pastries.


My friend got Lemon Meringue and Snickers. Lemon Meringue is good! You can taste fresh squeezed lemon while at the back of your palette is a creamy meringue. Amazing! While I find Snickers too nutty that it tastes like chocnut already.


As for mine, I find the Chocolate Truffle thick enough to give justice to a truffle. It also has chocolate chips in most of my scoop. On the other hand, the Strawberry Cheesecake does not taste like the usual cheesecakes but it has a tart flavor of strawberry and has a creamy after taste. It also has real bits of strawberries.



Just like any frozen treats, it melts quite fast that’s why you hardly can take a pause from digging 😀

There are still A LOT of flavors to try and choose from. Never get shy on asking for a taste on your desired flavor so you can know if it’s really what you wanted to have. Again, playing Mr./Ms. Know-It-All is a NO-NO if you wanted to enjoy what you chose and paid for 😉

Review on: 8Cuts Burger Blend

I was out on a Sunday to watch UST vs. FEU’s game for UAAP season 77 at the Smart Araneta Colliseum. My friend refused to meet me at Gateway Mall and insisted to go to Trinoma instead.

BY THE WAY, sorry for the low quality for some of my pictures.. I wasn’t prepared that I only used my phone (iphone 5s) 🙂


“KAHIT SAAN”, the dilemma that everyone has when it comes to choosing where to dine. So we had a walk to check out new dining places we haven’t tried before and voila, we head to 8 Cuts Burger Blends (Level 2, Trinoma).



When we entered 8 Cuts, the place was a bit similar to Army Navy’s ambience. On its right side is an open kitchen where you can see them flipping burger patties, assembling the burgers into the buns, and frying fries and onion rings.


They use warm colored LED lights, perfect for picture taking!haha.


On the left side, are the seats. There are several couch which I would say is more comfy and perfect for intimate dining and chikahan with your burger buddy/ies. There are also tables and chairs placed in front of the open kitchen where you could watch the guys cooking while you’re dining.


I was confused with how their menu was posted, honestly. haha. We asked for the assistance of the cashier to explain to us and describe their burgers so we could figure what we wanted to order. Playing Mr./Ms. Know-It-All is a NO-NO when you want to have the best food and dining experience in a new food place you’re in. Of course, you want to enjoy what you paid for right?! 🙂


After our order’s taken, we were given this Butcher’s Knife which you should hang in one of the hooks placed at the side of your table. Cool isn’t it! New idea it is 😀








I chose “Cheeseburger No. 4”. We were told that this is one of their best sellers. It’s a quarter pound patty, with their  “Sauce No.4”, lettuce, tomatoes, onion slices and of course, the lovely melted american cheddar cheese! I bite into it without a hint of ketchup or mustard so I could taste it well first. The patty was not dry 🙂 However, it was a bit bland for me that I had to put ketchup and mustard to enjoy the entire burger. I must say their ketchup and mustard  is tasty, as if it’s homemade. I wish I requested for extra cheese though. huhu. It costs P195.00. My rate for this would be 7 / 10.


This is the best onion rings I had so far! The rings were big unlike the onion rings I had before which were like the size when your forefinger and thumb formed a circle. Crispy and hot when it was served. The flavor it has is close to Oishi’s Potato Chips Country Barbecue flavor.  It’s really worth your P65.00 I must say.


My friend had the “Blu”.  It is a quarter pound patty of sirloin, with blue cheese sauce, fried crispy leeks, blue cheese crumble, caramelized onions, and greens. I was teasing my friend that he’ll stink after eating the burger haha but I was told that it’s good. It costs P245.00.

I was very full after our lunch. I think I would go back to 8 Cuts again and try the Piggy. It;s a quarter pound patty with mozarella and crispy bacon!  🙂